6 key-ways to help your child with ADHD

As parents you can use various strategies to help your children deal with ADHD. We start with 6 ways for you to try.

  1. Be radically sympathetic.

‘It is really difficult for your child to try to receive some education while having ADHD. It takes a great deal of energy to concentrate and support his/her effort. This steals away from him/her a great amount of strength, so it is you who must give him/her love and admiration.

  1. Focus on what really prompts children

Once again motivation is of vital importance for children with ADHD. ‘ There are 5 things which motivate an ADHD brain’ which is ‘innovation, competition, urgency, interest and humour’ said the co-founder of ImpactADHD.com, an online source of support for parent with children with ADHD.

  1. They should do something that makes them happy before their task.

‘Sometimes, you must let them do something entertaining before starting their task, such as reading comics, and then start with the task at hand’ said Taylor Klaus.

  1. Tasks with breaks.

‘Let your child know that s/he must work for a specific period of time e.g. 15-20 minutes and then s/he should take a short break walking’ said Goldrich, founder of PTSCoaching. In general, moving is of utmost importance for children with ADHD. ‘Many of these children are kinaesthetically educated because in this way they think better.

  1. Play games.

Experts advise playing ‘Collect the cards’ after having printed two sets of flash cards which you will throw on the floor jumbled and you will ask the child to classify according to color.

  1. Timing

‘Secretly time your child to see how many correctly spelled words your time can write before the timer stops and the child takes a break playing. Then you will repeat the pattern ‘education, practice, playing’ said Taylor Klaus.


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