Ice cream with honey

It is still summer and every child wants his ice cream! Today we suggest you to try this healthy ice cream, made by your child and ready to taste with his family and friends. The recipe is suitable for 8 year old children with ADHD :



3-cups of strawberries

8-spoons of honey

2-spoons of vanilla extract

2-bowls of yoghurt



Children, ready, steady, go! Wash the strawberries one by one. Then remove their green tops, put them in a bowl and push them with a fork in order to make a smooth mixture like a gum. Then, add the honey and the vanilla extract in the bowl and mix with the fork! You should keep mixing for about 4 minutes. Add, using a spoon, the yoghurt in the bowl and mix for 1 minute. Finally, fill the ice cream pockets one by one and push a stick in each pocket. Put them in the freezer. In 8 hours your honey ice cream is ready for you and your friends to taste!!! Good luck dear children!!!

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