How to respond to children about the virus

Written by Marianna Lagoumidi

CEO i-paidi

Stressful days spend men and women in Greece and in the whole world. The real concern for the deadly coronavirus, coupled with the real concern for the millions of immigrant citizens, in an unprepared society is real.

Children, especially children with ADHD, have difficulties as they feel the tension, live with their anxious parents, watch scenes with the injured and the dead people on television. As a culmination, schools and meeting places with other partners are closed so children stay alone.

Adults must:

-be well informed about the protection against coronovirus

-talk to our children soon and simply

-remember that the carrier may not get sick because he has antibodies AND can carry the virus to any other who stays close to him

-have a calm, normal, serious voice, as if we were talking about a Museum Visit

-teach them how to keep their hands clean

-answer all the relevant questions we know the answer. In others, we promise that as soon as we learn, we will answer

-do not give incomprehensible information on unanswered questions. Remember that children have a great imagination, and at the same time they have been experiencing “unexplained” difficulties and frequent failures since they were born.

-comment that some people have died from this virus, but researchers are looking 24/24 for preventing this from happening again.

-reduce the convergence with many and our walks in places with a lot of people

-say 4-sentences to every child:

“The coronavirus is like a germ and makes you sick with cough and difficulty breathing.”

“The coronavirus enters our body when small drops from our neighbour come into our mouths or eyes, so we sneeze and cough in our sleeve or handkerchief to throw it away.”

“Before you eat and after the toilet wash your hands all the duration of the song “Happy birthday to you”.”

“Do not catch eye-to-mouth.”

Parents or adults who find difficult to follow these guidelines and feel anxious can contact the Scientific Family i-paidi at 2117499300 & 6932611200 because our children need to grow up calm and healthy, free of mental or physical trauma.

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