Prompt diagnosis and ADHD management, from pre-school age.

How can we tell the difference between a very lively and a hyperactive child? Experts and their research have given us some results that help us trace a borderline between a lively and a hyperactive child. The most important thing is movement, although there are some other differences in behavior and development.

The most important difference in the behavior of a hyperactive child compared to a lively child is probably the ability to control their motility in different situations. Lively children seem to be able to control their motility more easily compared to hyperactive children.

Hyperactive children are always stimulated, they constantly move, run, climb or hop, and they can rarely focus on one game for more than three minutes. It is worth mentioning that even if they play with their best friend, there are biological factors that make the children with ADHD change their game or activity. As they grow, these children get a reputation of being difficult to play with and then the secondary negative side effects arise.

Besides movement, children with ADHD have issues with fine movement, like drawing and writing, and often seem clumsy. Lively children instead, do not have such issues and they can also be quite skillful.

Parental observation at home and objective judgement can be a means for diagnosis and success for the children. In case of doubts, a visit to an expert could be the best gift for your child!

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