What is Hyperactivity?

A young child, even of preschool age can be diagnosed as hyperactive in case he is more active than other children of the same age,  and at the same time not able to reduce his energy, regardless of its being desirable or not. Hyperactivity has many manifestations the most frequent of which are :

  • Constant moving (impossible to remain seated)
  • Aggressive behaviour (frequent quarrels)
  • Intense impulsivity ( reacts without any trace of rational thought)
  • Easy distraction ( he is able to focus for no more than 3 minutes)

Hyperactivity causes difficulty to people surrounding the hyperactive child such as parents, siblings, friends and educators. Many times, hyperactive toddlers upon reaching adolescence exhibit anxiety or depression due to the rejection from their social surroundings.

Children who seem hyperactive must be screened in time in case this is a symptom of ADHD. ADHD is an innate disorder which makes the child hyperactive, careless and impulsive. When the diagnosis takes place around the age of 7 years then it can be more easily manageable.

Hyperactivity is treatable. Only timely diagnosis and management can ensure an easier treatment.

What causes hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity can be caused by disorders of the brain or the body. The most common causes are :

  • ADHD
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Brain disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Psychological disorders

How to diagnose child hyperactivity

If your child exhibits some of the above mentioned hyperactivity symptoms, I recommend talking with an Expert. The Expert will ask you for the symptoms : when they started or when you became aware of them for the first time, and on what occasions they can be seen more intensely.

How to treat hyperactivity

Your doctor will suggest some medication and thorough screening of your thyroid. The Expert will recommend sessions and cooperation of parents-child-expert-school. Recent research in the US recommends fast treatment when it is along with medication, otherwise the speed of the treatment must be slower. Most of the times, if the difficulty is not deafeningly big, it is the parents who choose the treatment method of their child.

Nowadays latest research has shown that a commonly accepted treatment for hyperactivity is cognitive-behavioural therapy. In this method the child manages to change his behaviour. Not to mention that sessions with an expert promote the reduction of negative symptoms through dramatisation, communication and lack of tension.


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