ADHD through the child’s eyes

ADHD  (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) is a difficulty easily perceived by all adults – the child is very mobile and active, s/he does not remember the subjects he studied the previous day, has lack of self-esteem etc.

But ADHD is completely differently perceived through the eyes of the child. The child has a very different self-image.

The child since pre-school age fails at what his peers can achieve. For example, he tries to make a Lego tower but gets easily tired and gives up quickly. But at the same time he watches his friend trying to do the same and succeeding in it. Then everybody praises his friend but say nothing to our little friend. This results his feeling humiliated, frustrated in himself, jealous of the other child and finally in stopping playing with other children.

Try experimenting one day with yourselves so as to have such an experience of how stressful and frustrating it can be to have your hand not write what your brain tells it to do. Try to complete an easy task but at the same time take breaks every 2 minutes so as to look outside through the window. Will you be able to follow through? It is more than certain that you will find great difficulty and will experience great anxiety. This is how badly the child with ADHD feels. This is how difficult his life is.

Therefore, the conclusion to be drawn is that the child’s parents should try to offer him an easier life. Today science has found a way to effectively manage children with ADHD.


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