Alternative holidays exhibition for children with ADHD and their families

Choosing holiday destinations for children requires attention. Choosing destinations for children with ADHD and their families require extra attention and they need to fulfill certain requirements. i-paidi.gr  fulfills those requirements since 2015. The charismatic child with ADHD needs hotels, rooms and flats with a yard so that he/she does not feel trapped. An ideal solution is a studio with a garden, near the sea so that he/she can go to day trips and combine healthy food.


The owners of similar types of accommodation can advertise them through our site by calling 2106778528, 6932611200 or by contacting us on info@i-paidi.gr

In order to make well-known these holiday, the network i-paidi.gr  participates at the 1st Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition (Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε.), at the Electra Metropolis Hotel,  that will take place from 19 to 22 October 2017, at MEC in Peania, close to Athens, Greece. The trip to occasion starts, for the professionals of tourism and for those who adore excursions. The enthusiasm and the request for alternative destinations we have had, gives us a motivation to keep going.


“The Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition will become an institution”, state among other things Giorgos Karachristos, president of the Organizing Committee of Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε., during his presentation.For us Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε.”, headded, “is a creative initiative which we aim in making a crucial melting pot for tourism professionals. Our goal is to set it among the top International Tourist Exhibitions in the world. We start with more than 350 exhibitors from Greek and international destinations, 250 selected buyers and we are going to host more than 30.000 commercial visitors and audience. We are making a dynamic start in order to place Greece in a top position in the International Tourist chart which continuously changes”.


Through your 4 day participation at the Exhibition you will have the chance to -program important meetings with important buyers of the Tourism Industry -to promote your trademark with strong clients and to strengthen your image through selected initiatives of Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε. through the internet -to participate to conferences, Β2Β contacts and the buyers’ club in order to promote your company’s or your destination’s position among the worldwide competition.

“It is an International Exhibition”, the president of the fedHATTA Lysandros
Tsilides stated during his brief speech. The Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε. presents dynamic scenarios in the particular area of the Mediterranean through the collaboration between Greece, Israel, and Cyprus.

Children with ADHD have specific demands in order to fulfill their needs during holidays. They count the 55% of the total number. That means vast amount of travelers. Destinations, markets, tendencies, innovations and methods of promotion of your business are all the updated tools. Workshops for the improvement of quality of your services, seminars, clubs and Β2Β meetings, all arranged to meet the new needs and requirements of the professionals. There will be many more opportunities for the visitors with free entrance, and “smart holidays”: competitions, lotteries, free-stay-gifts, travel packs, attractive offers and generous discounts with holiday bookings during the Exhibition and many more opportunities that we will inform you of along the way. The “Guest Star” for 2017 will be Greece.


Seaside resorts, mountain resorts, city breaks, long weekends, hotels, motels, travel agencies, seaside holidays, cruises, gastronomy, alternative activities, green tourism, culture, transport, technology, medical tourism, religious tourism, real estate agencies, food and drink companies.
The high quality services to the exhibitors, the appointed important meetings with leading tour operators from traditional and emerging markets, the dynamic, functional and aesthetically complete presence of the kiosks are sure to make the event a successful one. In the Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition the exhibitors will get information for the tendencies and the up to dated tools in tourism through seminars, meetings and workshops.



Destinations: Greek and International destinations, Counties, Municipalities.

Stay: All types of resorts, hotels, motels, rooms to let, agritourism.

Transport: Aircompanies, ship companies, rent a car.

Technology: Booking companies, web booking, complete systems of electronic hotel management, software.

Tourist agencies: Ina “park” area for the best service to the professionals and the visitors. Special offer packs during the days of the Exhibition.

Culture: Archaeologicalsites, museums, art and culture sites.

Medical Tourism and Spa: Special areas for companies with medical Tourism, alternative ways of ADHD management.

Winter activities: Ski resorts and companies with Winter Tourism activities.

Theme routes: Special modes of Tourism, with hands on experiences for selective travelers. Religious paths, alternative activities.

European Island routes: Υachting, boat rentals.

Gastronomy: Taste routes, olive oil and fish from all over Greece.



The Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition (Μ.Ι.Τ.Ε.) is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, The Greek Organization of Tourism (Ε.Ο.Τ.), the Ministry of Naval and Island Politics, the Ministry of Agricultural Economy, the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (Κ.Ε.Δ.Ε.), the Union of Greek Counties (ΕΝ.Π.Ε.), the Central Union of Greek Chambers (Κ.Ε.Ε.Ε.), the Greek Hotels Chamber (Ξ.Ε.Ε.), the Guild of Greek Tourist and Travel Agencies (fedHATTA), the Greek Union of Hotel Owners (Π.Ο.Ξ.), the Union of Hotel Owners of Attika and Argosaronikos, (Ε.Ξ.Α.-Α.Α.), the Union of Business and Tourist Accommodation of Greece (Σ.Ε.Τ.Κ.Ε.), the Greek Union of Municipalities of Thermal Baths(Σ.Δ.Ι.Π.Ε.), the Union for the development of the Greek Islands (Ε.Ο.Α.Ε.Ν.), the European Union of Island Chambers -INSULER, the Union of Ship and tourist boats (Ε.Π.Ε.Σ.Τ.).


Information on the Exhibition:

Director: Κaterina Mamakou
Τel: +30 2106778528, 6932611200
email: info@i-paidi.gr

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