Lollipops with eyes

For mothers and children….ideal activity for children with ADHD

Ingredients for 12 lollipops


500 gr. icing

24 colored smarties

12 flat sticks for lollipops




Heat the icing in a bain-marie and keep stirring.

After it has melted, let the chocolate cool until it becomes fresh. Now, let the child take over

Take the melted chocolate in spoonfuls and place it on baking paper to make a face.

Children watch. When it starts to harden they place 2 smarties on each face to make the eyes and a stick at the opposite side compared to the eyes. When it cools down, after about 2 hours, children can hold it as a lollipop.



It contains the suggested quantity of chocolate that children with ADHD and Hyperactivity should eat.


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