FAQ: Children with ADHD don’t eat

By Marianna Lagoumidi

There are various questions we are receiving at www.we24.gr concerning children with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). In this column you will find your questions and the appropriate answers given either from me or from another coworker of www.i-paidi.gr.

Question:My child is 5 years old and refuses to eat food that he needs to chew. Should I keep telling him off?

Answer: The maturing process of children should be put in practice with all tastes and foods. Starting from the 7th month we gradually enrich children’s taste and food range, in a positive and pleasant environment, with tiny pieces that slowly get bigger.

At the age of 3, children should have tried all types of foods and tastes.

If this does not occur, we check if their jaw, teeth or pharynx have a malfunction. If the pediatrician finds children are healthy then:

-we follow the regular meal hours

-have family meals – at least at weekends

-give little by little the new food, smiling, with positive and encouraging prompts

-we avoid giving solid food to children during the previous 4 hours so that they are hungry

-we are patient!

Even if children refuse to eat, we ask them 3 times, and when we finish eating we take the plate. We do not give them something else to eat and then we heat up and present the same food at the next meal.

If they get angry and start shouting we calmly explain the situation and then say no more.

This is the usual successful way of handling children’s attitude towards food. If you face more difficulties please let us know by contacting the expert or by writing to info@i-paidi.gr

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