Friend for the child?

Happy New Year from the depths of our heart!

I hope these festive days you had the chance to come closer to your child and I wish you had a heart-felt connection.

As every week in we24.gr , the advice of the week is about the development of the child’s social relations.

Everywhere in the world, a human who grows up wants to and must go through the same developmental stages. More analytically, the 2-year-old child wants to play by himself – don’t think he is rejecting you. When he reaches the age of 4, then he wants to play with only one child.

At 6 he enjoys playing with many other children regardless of sex. The 8-year-old child chooses children exclusively of his sex while at 11 he starts not rejecting the opposite sex.

Of course, depending on the circumstances of his life, the family pace, meeting other people at nursery school, the sports club or music school, he will modify his behavior accordingly. The precise ages may change but never the specific developmental stages. Today’s advice is to never try to make the child grow up abruptly. Let him enjoy his childhood.

A complex free adult is the one who had a balanced childhood.



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