My son beats the other children..

Dear Mother, you called me scared to death, telling me ‘ my 4-year-old son has become a terrorist’ ! Then you explained to me that in May, he went for the first time to nursery school. You said ‘ my son was a quiet, loving, obedient child who used to play only with his toy cars. Whenever he was together with other children he would soon leave the game because the other children were unfair to him, didn’t want him to hug them or took his turn and didn’t let him play’. Now, not even at home are things good because he beats us, gets angry and shouts. What can I do?’

Dear Mother, the i-paidi.gr experts often meet such behaviours – you mention 3 difficulties at the same time. Your son is the 4-year-old who mostly seeks love and acceptance by others. At home he is impulsive and loving with you as a mother and of course you enjoy it.

But children communicate through different codes – they ask their team to follow some rules. When this does not happen then they send away the one who ruins the game.

The current result of this behaviour is aggression at home and enervation. Later, the constant rejection will bring your son elements of anti-social behaviour, isolation, low self-esteem and learning difficulties at Primary School.

We advise you therefore to consult an expert so as to handle your son’s difficulty.


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