Tourism Support to children with ADHD

The Board for the Development of the Greek Islands (Ε.Ο.Α.Ε.Ν.) has decided to support tourism actively. Therefore, there has been an agreement of reciprocal collaboration/advertisement of i-paidi.gr, the world wide network dedicated to children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their families.

In particular, on 4/11 in Eretria and on 5/11 in Thessaloniki, there has been a debate concerning the ways to develop tourism in the area of the Greek islands and Europe. Starting from summer 2016, the professionals of our islands have offered better prices for children with ADHD. The percentage of these children is 55% of the total number of children. Special prices are made in hotels, restaurants, food, and transportation, hoping that this will be an incentive for the development of tourism. Children are given guided tours, cook, take part in daily experiential sessions and dance lessons. The target is to highlight our islands as the ideal places for alternative tourism for children and to support children with ADHD

 Teams of children with ADHD have booked 5-day winter holidays. More and more professionals ask to participate in this initiative. This is another proof of the benefit of the collaboration between science (ADHD, i-paidi.gr) and business (people, family, notification).

In Chios, 9 November 2016, the Board for the Development of the Greek Islands (Ε.Ο.Α.Ε.Ν.), represented by its president Thrasos Kalogridis participated in two important developmental Fora that have recently taken place.

During his talk, the president of the Ε.Ο.Α.Ε.Ν. stressed the following: “Today there are many business opportunities given, especially in the islands. It is essential to create a positive environment for entrepreneurship so that drawbacks compared to businesses of the continental Greece are balanced. The recent development in tourisms that there is a tendency of shorter stays in vacation areas and a smaller expense per person. As a result, the cost of transportation has become fundamental for the choice of the holiday destination such as an island. The reduction of the cost of transportation to the islands is of major importance in order to keep them competitive as holiday destinations.

He also added:

“In our  opinion, the next step for the developmental program in the EU is to project a special fund with specific regulations and rules for each touristic destination of the islands which is different from continental Greece, keeping in mind that each island is different and has its own characteristics and attractions.

The following day Mr. Kalogridis participated in the 11th Multi Convention on Innovation and Development that took place in Thessaloniki during which he stressed the following: “Today the economy of the islands is based on tourism, for its development a great effort is being made. Sectors such as tourism and in particular its alternative aspects, processing and trading of agricultural and animal products, the development of transit trade and the improvement of services in general, can become important tools of development.

Therefore today we are presented with several investing opportunities, especially on the islands of the north-eastern Aegean that are still not highly developed.” He also mentioned that right now many efforts are being made to promote a common tourist proposal for the families between Lesvos and Ayvalik-Turkie. “There are common trading, sport and cultural events organized, as well as festivals. Our next step is to create common tourist proposals that include holidays for tourists in both areas taking advantage of the fact that there are plenty of natural and human resources and many tourist infrastructures (ports, airports ecc.)

Therefore, there are common proposals of promotion and publicity through common tourist information offices and common advertising campaigns in the Mass Media, brochures and Internet insertions. Finally, the president mentioned the Alternative Medical Holidays, organized by i-paidi.gr that took place last summer, have provoked much interest.  In 2017 new places and hotels will be added.

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