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Do you prefer Punishment or Contract? New way to an “agreement”.

Written by Christina Xanthi

According to statistics, children presenting ADHD symptoms often present challenging or bullying behavior. What actions should a teacher take in order to modify this type of behavior?

One of the most meaningful and useful things is the stipulation of a contract of honor or common understanding between the two parts, after a thorough conversation and listing of the obligations of both sides for the best collaboration and a peaceful school life. This is how teenagers start the process of “obedience” as far as rules are concerned but at the same time they feel that they had a choice in agreeing with those rules without being forced to follow them.

Facsimile of contract between teacher and student


Mrs Papadopoulou wanted Panayoti to:

  • Try to be as polite as possible when talking to his classmates and his teachers.
  • Talk to her or the Headmaster whenever he had an issue with his classmates and not try to solve it on his own.
  • Understand that violence is not a game and therefore he should avoid spending his time to play pranks on his classmates as this might put in danger their safety or lead them to burst of crying or violent behavior, as a method of revenge or means of solving the disputes among themselves.


Panayotis would like Mrs Papadopoulou to:


  • Not tell him off in front of other students but talk to him privately and try to solve their issues.
  • Talk to his mother and ask her to give him one afternoon a week off babysitting his younger siblings so that he will be able to go out with his friends.
  • Be more fair when someone misbehaves in class and not consider him the first suspect


Both sides agree to the following:

  • The terms of the contract will not change without prior discussion among the parties and will only change after mutual agreement.


Both teacher and student sign the contract, as well as the mother and the Headmaster.

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