Our aim

I-paidi aims at helping, supporting and reinforcing thousands of parents and their children age 1-12 who have difficulties with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) .

These children exhibit great variation between their true potential and the abilities they end up using. In this webpage, the parents can find such material that their child not only will just make it through school, but will go through it with flying colours.

I-paidi is a challenge and aims at providing the parents of children with ADHD with immediate help, awareness and guidance so as to find solutions and feel secure, having by them an expert friend.

We promise   – free access to experts on a daily basis ( specialized speech therapists, pediatricians, peodpsychologists, pedagogists)

  • Presents and discounts in activities or products for the child with ADHD and his/her family ( books, camps, holidays, medical consultation, schools)
  • Safe discussion with other parents of children with ADHD regarding topics of the same interest
  • Help to the parents to recognize and handle their child accordingly, making the best of his potential
  • Respect to the individual information provided by the parent
  • Suggestions for the leisure time, entertainment and training of a child with ADHD

It is in these fields that the parent needs support so as to lessen his anxiety and strengthen his child’s progress despite ADHD.

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