Girls with ADHD: more stressed and depressed

Girls with ADHD (Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder) are difficult to diagnose. As a result those girls internalize their discomfort and therefore present symptoms of depression.

The cute girl that gets “mixed up” in every conversation rarely raises suspicions of teachers and educators. The careless girl that often daydreams rarely worries her parents for a prompt diagnosis. The untidy and forgetful girl is taken for a diagnosis for ADHD only when she starts creating problems within her school environment. The girl that moans all the time is only told off.

The above mentioned girls have ADHD characteristics. Therefore, there is need for diagnosis and maybe treatment. Bearinmindthatataworld-widelevel, only half of the girls have been diagnosed with ADHD.

It is important to get a professional treatment for psychological health with experts on girls with ADHD. Assoonasthefirstsymptomsof the disorder are manifested, the expert will provide support to the family in order to have a full understanding of ADHD. Even a little child is able to realize that different people have a different type of brain function. Parents can learn and create an ADHD friendly home, they can learn to appreciate the importance of predictability, the structure, the precision and the precise expectations and its results. They can create a quiet atmosphere, according to the needs of the girl.

The increase of oestrogens in the girl’s body causes a feeling of anxiety. At the same time the feeling of shyness which accompanies particular girls’ social behaviors as they grow up, can result quite stressful. Especially under the spectrum of the continuous gender differences since the nursery age, the girl faces continuous stress, as the neurons of the brain get tangled and they result in ADHD.

Attention! Parents, teachers, pediatricians and psychological health specialists, please familiarize with the behavior of the careless girl, as well as with the significant dangers that impulsive girls may face. In all cases the increased awareness and the training will give you the chance to support these girls by creating treatments that aim to their personalized needs.

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