Toddlers and ADHD: Τhe benefits of an early diagnosis

Little children and toddlers are really restless. So how can we say that a child can be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) when s/he becomes 7 years old?
When we realise that our child is more active and mobile compared to children of the same age , it would be wise to consult with an expert. We will feel this urge when :

– the unruly behaviour of the toddler is extreme, s/he talks relentlessly, even in places where it is not allowed, eg, the church,
– when s/he cannot sit on a chair or cushion, not even for 7 minutes, despite watching tv
– when we feel that there is some restlessness even while listening to a fairytale
– when at the age of 5 s/he has difficulty participating in group gaming,
then the expert can help by means of advice and behavioural strategies especially on behalf of the parents.
Early diagnosis and treatment can help the child
– not get used to unruly life
– share things
– not be aggressive
– not feel stressed
– not blurt in while talking but follow rules of conversation, and finally
– to finish the activity- game s/he has started.

We can understand therefore, that the benefits of an early diagnosis and treatment of ADHD can be multiple and determining for the child’ s happiness in his life. There is a variety of tests but the diagnosis is difficult since the symptoms must persist for at least 6 months, simultaneously with elements  both from the home life and the kindergarten life of the child. As for the treatment, it is advisable to get medication and/or behavioural treatment in sessions. Only in this way will the child grow up happily.

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