6 tips for an enjoyable summer holidays with the charismatic child with ADHD

Your child is lively, reckless, he/she keeps forgetting things, he/she is clever, unstoppable but…keeps getting angry, arguing, fighting. During holidays, you tell him/her off, punish him, beat him.

The problem that appears is that you will not be able to enjoy your summer!!!

I use to give the following advice: try to change your attitude this year! Try to face these difficulties in a positive way, based on your child’s abilities but also on his/her needs. The child who has the above mentioned attitude was born with an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. So, how should you behave towards him?

Let’s keep in mind the 6 alternative ways of behavior:

1st way: Stop fighting with him/her all the time.

At every reaction of the child, there are several good and clever tips he/she used. Try to ignore the negative things he/she caused, “even a stone he/she tossed” and focus your attention and your comments on the “easy way he/she put his/her T-shirt on”. If you keep talking to your child like this for about 7-10 days, his/her “lively” reactions and behavior are likely to decrease.

2nd way: Give your child some responsibility.

Before you set off for the beach, give your child the responsibility of a small bag. Of course you will explain what’s in it and your child will be responsible for bringing it back from the beach. Put around his wrist a colored thread to remind him. On the way to the beach remind him of his responsibility. Before leaving the beach comment on the reason he has the thread around his wrist. This should go on for about 7-10 days. Then slowly, the reminders will decrease.

3rd way: Make it “your” space.

No matter where you are staying while on holiday, on the first day your child should make a couple of drawings to put up on the wall. In that way he/she will feel at home. You can also advise him to respect the area around him/her and not to damage it.


4th way: Get organized while you are eating.

During lunch time on holidays, when everything is relaxed, it is time to talk about the afternoon or the evening plans. It is important to specify exactly what you are going to do. In that way children get organized in the pleasant holiday environment.

5th way: Be careful with the eating habits.

We know that eating habits are fundamental for ADHD symptoms. Sugar is the enemy of calmness. Fish is the friend. Even when you are on holiday you should make sure your child keeps his good eating habits. Even a meal makes the difference!!!

6th way: Listen to your child.

Look at the needs and the reactions of a child with ADHD through his eyes – as if you were this child! Listen when he explains why he behaved in a certain way. You will understand more the way he thinks and you will be able to guide him during the calm holiday moments. This should be done daily.

Whenever there are doubts or arguments try to give him a hug! Then ask for advice at info@i-paidi.gr.


Enjoy your holiday

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