The successful school for ADHD

A successful school year starts from the first day of September. Try to add something to the progress of your child by talking to him/her about his/her targets, and the actions that will be taken during the new school year. Talk to the school educators, talk to a specialist and good luck!

Here you will find 9 basictipsfora successful school year:

  1. Sum up the previous school year and the targets for the new school year (what went well, what could go better, how this can be achieved)
  2. Visit and walk through the school and the new classroom (in this way your child will be less anxious)
  3. Create a quiet and bright place for study, with a steady chair, with no objects or toys around that will attract the child’s attention
  4. Buy objects that will help your child organize his/her school life and the study at home (folders, stickers, clock…)
  5. Getfromthebookshopmorethanthenormalnumberofschoolobjects(they usually get lost and more of them will be needed during the school year)
  6. Organizeandplantheextracurricularactivities (the program should be put up in a bulletin board so that your child will be able to see it)
  7. Search and find a special educator to help your child study at home
  8. Discuss and create with your child a diary with his/her obligations for the school year
  9. Be patient and understanding and encourage your child as much as possible
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