Do you know how children with ADHD should do their homework?

Children with concentration issues, hyperkinesia or excessive spontaneity usually have few friends, low marks and low self-esteem during the years of Kindergarten or the first grades of Elementary school. Can those children be helped? Yes they can, not with medical treatment but with a special management of their homework.

This management starts with the handling of their study area as we mentioned previously on http://www.i-paidi.gr/2015/09/archi-scholiou-plai-sto-pedi-me-dep-i/.

Then, even now in October, parents can give their children a hand by helping them out with the unknown words of their reading tasks, orally and written, using a colored pen. We make sure that they know what the task requires so that they can finish it quickly and correctly. Once all these issues have been taken care of, children can read aloud their task. Then they take some time alone in their study area to finish their task. Parents should make sure that they answer any question regarding the homework children may have. After the children have finished, they can go to have a glass of water and come back to check what they have studied together with their parents.

Most likely there will be mistakes. What is important though, is that parents encourage their children and praise them for their effort. This is of vital importance.

Every week parents should focus on one aspect of grammar (i.e. verb spelling) or motor skills (i.e. holding the pen) or psychological encouragement (i.e. handling the child’s sense of not being able to make it). After the corrections children can get up and walk around the house for about 2 minutes and then proceed with the next subject.

As the months go by, parents modify their behavior gradually. We should use this strategy for the daily study of the children but also for new games. Even though we have issues with ADHD, with assiduity, correct management and revision children can be helped together with the sessions with a specialist.

Good luck with YOUR homework

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