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Parents & primary school teachers already embracedthe online seminar series covering basic aspects of ADHD, organized by the certified scientific family “i-paidi” and its scientific collaborators while supported by the Attica Region.

Mr. George Patoulis, the Attika Governor, stated: “We support the parents of children with behavioral difficulties who are struggling due the pandemic. The extensive expression of interest is indicative of the social need for families to be informed & supported.”

For the second consecutive week, online seminars are held for citizens of Attica, parents and teachers, aiming to support the QoL of children with ADHD during the crisis period of covid19, with scientific advice for the Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Applications exceed hundreds, therefore, each seminar cycle is held every Wednesday, followed by a workshop every Sunday. As stated above, the seminar series are organized by the certified Non-Profit Company i-paidi with the support of Attica region. To this point, municipalities of New Philadelphia-Chalkidona and Vyronas are the first Municipalities that entered the program, taking advantage of the wealth of information and practical advice the management of a class with a percentage of anxious ADHD students.

On the Wednesday, December 9th, the program addressed to the parents, mainly mothers of children with ADHD. Topics covered applied ways of pedagogy, management, study, mental stimulation and positive parenting techniques. The seminars also include information on a range of topics, critical in the management and pedagogy of children with ADHD, during the quarantine and in general, on issues of nutrition, discipline, classroom organizing strategies, sport activities, heredity issues and other related questions.

The municipalities of Dafni-Ymittos, Galatsi, Ilioupoli, Kaisariani, Argyroupolis and Communities of the Municipality of Athens will follow.

The Attica Regional Governor and President of ISA (Athens Medical Association) highlighted in his greeting: “The pandemic, the interruption of the school program and the prolonged periods of quarantine in families with ADHD test the mental health of children and the resilience of parents. International studies show that in the general pediatric population aged 3-18 years, pandemic conditions caused a 76% increase in difficulties concentrating ability and a 40% increase in irritability and immobility, indicative of the burden on children due to the pandemic. with ADHD.

We are supporting families with ADHD since the first days of the current health crisis, through the telephone line 1110, the site www.i-paidi.gr and the mail info@i-paidi.gr .

During the present quarantine, in this difficult winter, we carry out, the focused online seminar series for ADHD, with lectures and online workshops  for applied ways of pedagogy and mental stimulation, accompanied by sports and nutrition proposals. We will continue to support the very sensitive and often quite talented, group of children  with ADHD  with practical interest “.

The i-paidi President, Mrs Marianna Lagoumidi congratulated the Governor of Attica for his social sensitivity and practical support and emphasized: “There are ways to reduce the difficulties like your today participation. Let us be a family against stress, isolation, and the growing needs of children with ADHD. ”

In the first part of each seminar lectures are given by Prof. Dr. Diamantis Papastamatis, Pedagogist, Dr. Frosso Boutou, Molecular Biologist, Mrs Eleni Giannakopoulou, Social worker, Mrs. Christina Galanopoulou, Head of Sports at Municipality of Attica and “Be active”, Dr. Evelina Papatheodorou, Pediatrician, and Mrs. Marianna Lagoumidi, President of i-paidi, Psychopedagogist ADHD and writer. Mrs. Anna Mattheou, Journalist, introduced the speakers. All lecturers participate in every workshop.

Interested citizens of Attica, parents and teachers, who want to participate in the next seminar cycles, for the benefit of the mental health of children with ADHD during the covid19 crisis period, should address

to 2106778528, 6932611200 or

at info@i-paidi.gr

in order to register (free) and receive the link for the next webinar .

The webinars take place every Wednesday and Sunday 5.30pm – 21.00pm,

from December to March.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance.

i-paidi Press Release based on the Press Release from the PRESS OFFICE of the ATTICA REGION

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