Workshop on children with ADHD: Clinical condition and treatment

With an optimistic feeling and a curiosity for novelty parents and teachers got together to find out details and updates on ADHD. The brief talk given by Mariana Lagoumidi (PgD in Developmental Psychology and ADHD, founder of www.i-paidi.gr) and the long conversation with the participants took place on Wednesday 24/8/2016, in the Library “Evgenia Kledara” in Plomari, Lesvos.

The event started with a story: “At noon, there was a family next to me on the beach: a couple with their two sons. George, their 8 years old son, played ball with his father, played with the waves, hugged and kissed and talked with his mother, made a sand castle and then jumped into the water! How long do you think all these activities took George before he jumped into the water?” The participants’ guesses where “10 minutes”, “half an hour”,”15 minutes”. Then Mrs Lagoumidi said: “Only 3 minutes! It took only 3 minutes for George to perform these activities before he jumped into the water; intelligence, speed, impulsiveness, very frequent change of activities. As a result, none of the activities were completed, George did not manage to win, he just took part in activities with no purpose and no rules.

Then the audience was taken a back when they heard Mrs Lagoumidi’s affirmation: “If George, the gifted child does not see a specialist for an evaluation and treatment of his behavior and his way of thinking, then probably in the first years of High School he will be a bad student, with no friends, disobedient in his social surroundings and most probably he will be a smoker”.

Concluding, Mrs Lagoumidi asked the parents and the teachers who participated in the workshop to “lookout” for children’s different behavior, BEFORE children reach the school age…..to wonder …..to ask ONLY expert specialists….. to write to info@i-paidi.gr and ask advice from the co-workers of the website www.i-paidi.gr – it is a platform dedicated to children with ADHD.

There were a lot of questions asked and fortunately they were all answered. Mrs Lagoumidi also promised that starting from Monday 1st September, there will be a daily question answered: a tip-gift to children with ADHD.

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